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814 Pine Island Road #202
Cape Coral, FL, 33991


Cre8 Salon & Spa is a full service salon and spa on Pine Island road, Cape Coral. Offering professional hair care services, skin therapy, nail care, massage and body waxing.

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Hundreds Gather to Take Ice Bucket Challenge

#BringBackTheBucket seeks to rally Ellen DeGeneres to ALS fight

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (June 13, 2019) – The message went out to Ellen DeGeneres loud and clear. Despite poor weather conditions, hundreds of people gathered on Sunday, June 9, at the Cape Coral High School football field to douse themselves with ice water in honor of Cre8 Salon & Spa client Hilde Heard, who suffers from late-stage Lou Gehrig’s disease and longs to meet DeGeneres, her favorite celebrity.

Participants in #BringBackTheBucket lined up to spell out “E-L-L-E-N” on the field as they took the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was created to raise awareness of the disease also known as ALS. Drones and camera crews filmed the moment, all in an effort to grab the attention of DeGeneres and convince her to use her platform to bring more attention to the condition affecting an estimated 16,000 people in the U.S.

Hilde made a surprise appearance. As she was brought to the center of the field in her wheelchair, the impact of the event hit home.

“Hilde is an inspiration to everyone she meets,” said Marcy Sagorac, co-owner of Cre8 Salon & Spa. “Her courageous battle against this deadly disease brings tears to my eyes. Ellen, if you’re listening, please come meet this amazing woman and join us in wiping out ALS!”

#BringBackTheBucket raised close to $2,000 for The ALS Association Florida Chapter through donations. Several community organizations stepped up to sponsor and support the event, including Sunshine Ace Hardware, Got Ice Inc., Target, the School District of Lee County, iHeartMedia, the Cape Coral Police Department, the Cape Coral Fire Department, iheartfilmstudios and CONRIC PR & Marketing.

ABC-7 anchor Jeff Butera served as master of ceremonies, calling out the countdown as participants stood on the field and dumped their buckets on their heads for a jolt of icy relief. Music from Y100 plus games and food trucks lent a festive atmosphere to the occasion.

“I’m overwhelmed by everyone who came out to make this wonderful day happen,” Sagorac said. “There was so much love on the field today. Now the goal is to make sure Ellen feels that love and gets involved in the fight for a cure.”

Cre8 Salon & Spa

Established in 2006, Cre8 Salon & Spa is a full-service salon and spa. It is a REDKEN Elite Salon and one of only three Florida salons carrying the Nick Arrojo hair care product line, classifying it as an Arrojo Ambassador Salon. Cre8 is in the Guinness Book of World Records for completing the most haircuts by a team in eight hours, a mark the salon set in November 2011 during a fundraiser for The ALS Association Florida Chapter. For more information, call 239-458-2704 or visit

Cre8 to #BringBackTheBucket to help client with ALS. (May 28th, 2019).

Cre8 to #BringBackTheBucket to help client with ALS. (May 28th, 2019).


Cre8 to #BringBackTheBucket to help client with ALS

Cape salon seeks world record, attention of Ellen DeGeneres

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (May 28, 2019) – A terminally ill client longs to meet Ellen DeGeneres, so Cre8 Salon & Spa will try to break a world record to make her dream come true. The Cape Coral beauty emporium is inviting the public to the Cape Coral High School football field on Sunday, June 9 from noon to 3 p.m. for what owners Marcy and Jeff Sagorac hope will be the largest Ice Bucket Challenge event in history. Participants will line up to spell out “E-L-L-E-N” on the field while drones and camera crews capture the moment with the hope of grabbing the attention of comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, client Hilde Heard’s favorite celebrity.

Heard is stricken with an advanced stage of Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS, the condition the Ice Bucket Challenge was created to highlight. Heard’s dream for the last decade has been to meet DeGeneres, whose unique platform would enable her to draw worldwide attention to the deadly disease. The day of the world record attempt is the first day of the 2019 National ALS Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C.

“We’re determined to do everything we can for Hilde, whose unbreakable spirit is an inspiration to all of us,” Cre8 owner Marcy Sagorac said. “We knew we had to do something to help Hilde get Ellen’s attention, not just for Hilde, but for all ALS sufferers everywhere.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people dump buckets of ice and water over their heads, was a worldwide sensation in 2014, raising $220 million for ALS organizations. The social media impact was so tremendous that Cre8 Salon & Spa wants to #BringBackTheBucket and unite the community around the cause.

The record for the greatest number of people taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in one place at one time is 782, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Everyone has an opportunity to be a part of a new world record when participants simultaneously dump buckets of water and ice over their heads at 2 p.m. in the middle of Cape Coral High School’s football field.

“We know how generous Cape Coral and all of Southwest Florida are,” Sagorac said. “We’re confident that with everyone’s help, we can break this record, bring Hilde and Ellen together, and make this dream a reality.”

There is no charge to take part in the event, though a $20 donation to The ALS Association is requested. Ice and water will be provided, and food vendors will be on site. Participants are asked to bring their own bucket.

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available. Call Cre8 at 239-458-2704 to find out how to help. Go to to register.

Cre8 Salon & Spa

Established in 2006, Cre8 Salon & Spa is a full-service salon and spa. It is one of only three Florida salons carrying the Nick Arrojo hair care product line, classifying it as an Arrojo Ambassador Salon. Cre8 is in the Guinness Book of World Records for completing the most haircuts by a team in eight hours, a mark the salon set in November 2011 during a fundraiser for The ALS Association Florida Chapter. For more information, call 239-458-2704 or visit .

Stand out with these Customizable Summer Festival Trends. (May 1st, 2019).

Stand out with these Customizable Summer Festival Trends. (May 1st, 2019).

Stand out with these Customizable Summer Festival Trends

This Summer’s Festival theme is about showing your individuality through your hair! We want to see accessories, pops or pastel or neon color, bold headbands, high ponytails, and braids for days! This year we urge you to come out with all your flashy favorites. We dare you to try these top 5 go to summer looks.  Whether you are spending a day at Woodstock or an entire weekend at Coachella, Cre8 Salon and Spa are here to help! Read through our top five looks and let your imagination soar as you customize these looks to fit you!  Reserve some time with our stylists for a new style or two that we can help you learn to do. 

You can never go wrong with braiding your bangs. Not only does it send super cute summer vibes, but it also plays a huge role in keeping the frizz down. Part your hair down the center and begin braiding. Make this look unique to you by securing the ends with sparkly bands or flashy clips. With our help, you can even braid a pastel ribbon into the braid. Stand out, while staying cool.

90s Space Buns are making there come back in the summer of 2019, both plain and braided. We are seeing traditional fluffy and colorful scrunchies and glitter hairspray. This look is super easy to achieve by simply parting your hair and putting each half into messy princess Leia buns.

Accessories are a must-have. The flower crown is one of our personal favorites. Crunch some funky waves or natural curls, secure your favorite flower crown headband, and rock this look. What we love most is that all crowns are individualized and works perfectly for all lengths of hair!

Feeling extra beautiful, try one of our princess themes. Add colorful ribbons to Princess Elsa’s braid, and complete this look with a glittery hair spray. Create a bubble high ponytail topped with a fancy rhinestone headband to look just like Princess Jasmine.

Want a more practical look that will last the entire festival? Try Jumbo Boxer Braids, which will last for days. Pieces that fall will add to your wispy look. Keep this look fresh by rotating out floral, funky, or bright head scarfs.

No matter what style you are wanting to achieve for your next summer festival, Cre8 Salon and Spa is willing to help. Stop by today at 814 Pine Island Rd #202, Cape Coral, FL 33991 to let us pamper you by styling your next look. Or call us at (239) 458-2704 to reserve your appointment.  We look forward to teaching you, how to achieve any of these looks and much more!

Graduate! Be Inspired By Our Top Favorite Graduation Hair Trends! (April 1st, 2019).

Graduate! Be Inspired By Our Top Favorite Graduation Hair Trends! (April 1st, 2019).

Graduate! Be Inspired By Our Top Favorite Graduation Hair Trends!

Finding the perfect hairstyle to wear under your cap can be rather difficult. It is not easy to balance a pointy hat and still look trendy. Instead of stressing over what look you should pull off for the Graduating Class of 2019, see our experienced stylists as Cre8 Salon & Spa. We will customize the perfect look to pull off a dreadful cap. Get inspired with our top favorite graduation trends!

Ultra Sleek Blowout, is always a safe go to look. When wearing caps, they tend to flatten and strip your hair of any volume. It will become pencil straight and afterwards you will be stuck with a flat mess. Letting us Blowout your hair will create a stiffer look that will hold volume, even under your cap. This look won’t require any pins, so you can easily toss your cap and move to your next photo.

Romantic Half-Crown Braid, is a beautiful way to showcase your length and highlights. Add chunky braids to peek through your cap, and long waves to stay chic. This look might require some touch ups before you attend your next event.

Choppy Fringe, is the best way to let your bangs fly. We will style and crop them to flair flawlessly from underneath your cap. Pair your wispy bangs with flowing curls to make this, the go to look. Like the Ultra Sleek Blowout, you won’t need to pin your cap down, nor fix it before the traditional family ceremony.

Rock your Natural Curls, if you tend to have natural bouncy curls, we want to promote them! Let them fly naturally to show your crazy wild side. We do suggest you secure a simple headband, inside the cap. This will avoid having to pin your curls, and make it easier to toss your cap.

Classic Updos, if the ceremony is outside, we highly recommend a classic updo look. This is something you and your stylist can customized to create your own look. It is a great way to stay trendy, elegant, and staying cool while doing it.

Fishtail Braids, is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. This look will give you an elegant feel, while keeping you cool. You won’t have to pin your cap down, and it will keep your hair pulled back. Don’t worry, we will add a few pieces to shape your face.


This is a day you should be stress free. You have put in countless hours to make it to this moment. We want to help you find the flawless look for you. Make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa (239) 458-2704. Meet our expert stylists to see which one of these 6 looks best fits you! Find us at 814 Pine Island Road #202 Cape Coral, FL, 33991. Get to know more about our stylists on our website Don’t forget, this is your moment to shine, so make it count!

Put your Nails in Our Hands. (March 1st, 2019).

Put your Nails in Our Hands. (March 1st, 2019).

Put your Nails in Our Hands!

What woman doesn’t love to go to the nail salon to be pampered? It’s a block of time we set aside for ourselves. It’s a time that we allow ourselves to recover and feel rejuvenated. There’s no doubt that the nail industry is one that continues to see growth. Is it because of the durability or versatility that nails provide for women? Or rather is it the uniformity and creativity that’s goes into crafting the perfect nail look. Today we will be discussing the top 2019 trends for nails. Anywhere from shape, to preferred colors, and even designs!

The shape of the nail is the first choice we must make. 2019 is starting to see lots of short to medium, softly rounded shapes. Almost representing the perfect nut. For women who are still drawn to the longer nail, we suggest length with rounded ends. Next, we must decide what color we want. Do you want to stay natural, add dimension, pizzazz pops of glitter, solid nudes, or daring prints?

For natural manicures we are seeing elevated French. Meaning rather than a white tip, be bold by picking your favorite color. It is the perfect combo for classy yet sassy look. Try bold nudes with detailed rhinestones to make a statement. 

2019 top dimensional look is thick, blocking diagonal stripes. Adding dimensions can be done to all or one nail. Complete this look with a traditional black and white or go all out with funky colors. 

All the glitter will be applied this year! Simple base colors paired with full on chunky glitter. Our favorites are a pearl white or blue bird teal topped with a full black chunky glitter. This look is amazing for day to day wear or girl’s night out. Seeking a less bold statement? Try subtle glittery Ombre nails. It’s the perfect fade while still adding a shiny finish to them. Lastly, we will see a lot of gold shimmery vanilla sheer appearing on nails. It will go perfect for that next summer vacation. 

Going simple but elegant pick our top favorites of nude tones for 2019! Think olive greens, mustard yellows, and burnt oranges. Adding those rhinestone details will be the perfect complement to this everyday look. 

Prints will be all the range this season. Daring Dalmatians, multicolored cheetah prints, or vibrant zebra stripes. This if your time to be creative when matching colors. These looks will be jumping off the nails. 

Our nail technicians are always happy to help you find the perfect trending look that will fit all your needs. Go with elegant nudes to flashily prints. It’s the perfect time to come see us to get pampered and rejuvenate your mind. Put your nails in our hands. Make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa 239) 458-2704.  Our expert nail technicians will pamper your hands and feet while creating a look just for you that will be trendy this summer. 

2019 Makeup Trends - Think the 90’s done even better! (February 1st, 2019).

2019 Makeup Trends - Think the 90’s done even better! (February 1st, 2019).

2019 Makeup Trends - Think the 90’s done even better!

Instaglam make-up is being replaced with no effort glamour. Think natural polished skin with some pops of color. Gone are the hours of multiple layers of foundation, shadow, contour and more, that we see on Instagram. Welcome maximum impact with minimal effort. Today it is important that skin care and make-up live together in harmony.

In 2019 return to the 90’s trend starts with naturally radiant skin. With the wellness movement a more natural skin, more polished makeup to bring out your best features. Natural foundation with bronzer to frame the face, the temples, under cheekbones and jawline. We will be covering up our skin with color correction creams or tinted moisturizers instead of full foundations. For blushes - we are seeing more cream blushes, poppy or rose-colored.

Dewey eyes are trending. In eyeliner, you will be seeing softness, smudgy eyeliner close to the lash line. One color on the lids using regular shadow or a glossy cream shadow of earth tones or really fun burnt orange or magenta swiped across the whole lid in one swipe. When playing with color on the lids remember not to do too much elsewhere on the face. Out with dark lip liner, flat browns, nude lips, and clear glosses are being left behind in 2018 as we move into 2019. Sleek Lips are trending. Soft lips are in using a hint of warmer brown, somewhere between a brown lip and your actual lip color. Or using a raspberry red-toned lip to match a soft cream blush.

Bold lips will still be seen at the office or happy hour to ramp up a softer face look. Apply a layer of lip balm and follow with a liquid lipstick. Be sure and use your lip exfoliators weekly to avoid crusty lips. Our favorites are the FarmHouse Fresh lip exfoliator followed with the lip plump. These come in a variety of choices; blackberry wine, beach punch, and whoopie pie lip polishes.

With a more natural minimalist approach to beauty and makeup, we can’t forget that beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin. 2019 everyone is moving towards preventive skin care plans while increasing the demand for services like HydraFacials. The need for custom skin care regimens for home use is in high demand. As we are all looking for more sustainable lifestyles our skin care regimens are no different. We offer harder working products with higher concentrations of ingredients for a more personalized at home regimen. We have the highest quality skin care products available with

Obagi that minimizes premature skin aging and Eminence the best skin care products available. Be sure and ask our skin care experts for your personalized skin care regimen. We offer make-up lessons and carry Jane Iredale multitasking mineral makeup. It is all high performance, clean and cruelty-free and provides a radiant complexion.

The Hottest NEW Hair Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2019! (January 1st, 2019).

The Hottest NEW Hair Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2019! (January 1st, 2019).

The Hottest NEW Hair Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2019!

As seasons shift to warmer vibrant days, we tend to gravitate changing our looks as well. If you are the adventurous type, make a statement with faded silver or glamourous lavender tones. If you are more reserved, try warmer and richer tones that blend naturally with your roots. Each look will craft a statement, update your look, and flaunt top trending styles of 2019.

For those who like playing with various tones of new colors 2019 is seeing lots of silver. Some looks are blending brunette roots to shiny silver ends to give you an elite ombre vibe. Others are adding pops of grayish tones to their rich brunette base to create a subtle yet bold look. It is kind of like wearing both silver and gold jewelry, your hair can be a mix of cool and warm tones for a maximal trendy look. Either way, you cannot mess up with silver for 2019. Lilac is the next big direction. Our Cre8 Salon stylists can blend these new colors into the roots, or add pops throughout your hair. We are seeing lavenders paired with platinum blondes or deep plum purples with chocolate brunettes. Both looks are a great way to take a risk and still be in style. We didn’t forget about redheads. You will be seeing Strawberry blondes, vibrant apricots, and fiery copper redheads in a big way this year.

Bolder, warmer, and richer are the key terms to the 2019 neutral trends. We are seeing a seamless blend of neutral tones such as butter blondes, caramel mixes, and toffee calibrations. The way to successfully accomplish this look is to maintain a smooth transition between dimensional colors to the base of your roots. We will begin to see lots of creamy blondes, mushroom brunettes, and strawberry honey pop up during this summer.

These tones require that same smooth transition. Adding bolder, warmer, and richer tones will give extra volume and texture by breaking up the solid color. Our expert colorists at Cre8 Salon know just how to blend these tones into your natural root that help keep maintenance to a minimum. As your natural color grows it will continue to blend into the dimensional tones.

Whether you wish to make a bold glamorous statement or keep subtle neutral tones these are the looks to seek. Going natural can give you a dimensional, low maintenance, effortless look. Let your hair be the style rather than you are styling it each day. Blend silver or lilac tones to make the glitz look you are wanting to achieve. Blend creamy blondes and toffee calibrations with your natural roots to add volume and texture. Ask our stylist which direction you should go this year. Let us help you plan a look that will create an effortless vibe that will be the talk of the next seasonal event.

Want to know more about which color will look great on you? Ready for a new spring color? Make an appointment today at Cre8 Salon & Spa 239) 458-2704. Our expert colorists will create a color that will be trendy this summer and perfect for you.