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Cre8 Salon & Spa is a full service salon and spa on Pine Island road, Cape Coral. Offering professional hair care services, skin therapy, nail care, massage and body waxing.

Embrace Your Curls Part II


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Embrace Your Curls Part II


As the second part of our “Embrace Your Curls series”, we asked our clients what issues arise most when tending to their curls. We brought these questions to our Cre8 Salon and Spa curly hair experts to provide them with practical solutions. At the end of the day, our goal is for you to love your hair. WARNING the secrets are about to come out!

Q: My hair stays a frizzy mess; how do I tame my curls?

A: Many factors can play into frizzy curls. Lack of hydration is the number one cause of frizz. Good news, this is an easy fix. Curly hair naturally lacks hydration, so it’s extremely important to utilize products that promote hydration. Avoid products with sulfate, because this sucks the moisture out of your hair. Make sure you are using a moisturizing conditioner; it holds more vitamins and minerals that promotes hydration.

Try to minimize heat tools as it can cause breakage or dry out your hair further. We always recommend using a heat protecting product that protects hair up to 450 degrees and a diffuser on your hair dryer to promote a wider airflow which causes less frizz.

Q: What can I do to fix my curls that seem dry and brittle?

A: I recommend Co-washing. It’s the best and easiest way for curly girls to promote moisture.

Co- washing is when we only use conditioner to cleanse our hair, for a few days at a time. Over-shampooing can dry your curls out causing them to be flat and brittle. Only use shampoo every few days to cleanse the hair of any product build up. This method will help put moisture and bounce back into your curls. Lily recommends Olaplex treatments to add protein and moisture and at home treatment mask weekly. Less washing more conditioning is key to curly hair success. And having the right hair routine that works for your curls.

Q: My hair is full of tangles after I shower. How can I avoid this?

A: Avoid using paddle brushes or brushes with bristles. Using your fingers or wide tooth combs are best for curls because it eliminates breakage and split ends. Leave in conditioner will help detangle your hair to loosen the knots while giving extra hydration. Start from the bottom and work upwards when tackling big knots. Some curly girls like to comb their hair while the conditioner is on in the shower to help loosen the knots.

Q: I like to shower in the evenings, but when I wake up my curls are sloppy, and I lost my volume.

A: There are a few tips to help avoid this. Some women can go to sleep with a messy bun, and in the morning spritz some water to help reshape and add volume back.

Try changing your pillowcase, cotton cases are a rougher material and cause curls to break up while sleeping. Swap your cotton for satin and avoid this issue. Lastly, try drying your hair with a t-shirt in a scrunching motion, not a roughed up back and forth which will cause frizz. The same concept applies. Drying your hair with a cotton towel breaks the natural curl pattern up. Using a t-shirt is a softer material and will help keep your curls intact.

Q: The gel I currently use seems to weigh my hair down, what should I try next?

A: Sometimes it’s not the product but the amount you use. One of the biggest mistakes or challenges in not applying enough or applying too much. The key to styling curly hair is making sure it is still wet and finding that unique balance of product for your curls. Apply the styling product to damp hair from the bottom up. All curls are different. Some girls need to diffuse 80% of their hair then hair dry, others need to fully diffuse their hair. While some can simply air dry and be done. During your appointment, our curly hair experts will demonstrate the proper use of products and tools for your hair and give you a complete hair care prescription to keep your curls in perfect formation.

Do you have more curl questions? Stop by our salon at 814 SW Pine Island Road #202, Cape Coral, Florida, 33991 to see how we can help you. Or give us a call at 239-458-2704 to schedule your next curly hair appointment with Lily!